Cardanomint [AMINT], CarPool [VROOM] Building bridges for Individuals, Cities, and Governments.

We are Watson & Rupe: Crypto Consulting, our purpose is to educate local individuals, business, and government regulators about the benefits of blockchain technology. We are currently working with the City of Las Vegas. Our team is constructing Cardano solutions to help with local business issues imposed by legacy processes. Our list of projects consists of Cannabis, Gaming, Las Vegas City fundraising and development.

Number of Stake Pools: 3

Weighted ROS: 2.90%

Created by @cardanomint

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Ticker Name Fees Lifetime ROS Active Stake Pledge Blocks
ASTRA Ad Astra Stake Pool 340.0 + 2.00% 4.08% 19.7M 50K 5071
VROOM CarPool 340.0 + 3.00% 0.00% 1.57M 40K 690
AMINT MaximumMint 340.0 + 2.50% 4.01% 3.13M 50K 815